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In order to adapt to the changes of the securities market and further improve index maintenance rules, CSI decided to revise Rule 3.1 Maintenance of Constituents in Equity Indexes Calculation and Maintenance Methodology of China Securities Index Company Limited, after CSI fully listened to opinions of the market and the revised rules were reviewed and approved by the Index Advisory Committee. The revised rules are as follows.CSI conducts immediate or concentrated adjustments on prices or shares according to the different types of corporate events.Immediate adjustments refer to:Constituents’ price changes due to dividend distribution shall be implemented on the ex-dividend day.For corporate events resulting in simultaneous change in constituents’ price and shares, such as bonus issue, right...

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Daily Index Information

  • Sector Breakdown of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Sector Breakdown of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)
Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)

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